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Start Page? What is all this stuff?
A start page (sometimes referred to as "home") is the first page you see when you logon to the internet. AwesomeStart is way for you to make a free, custom start page with your own links and a Google search on it. You can choose from different music, movie, and videogame themes! We explain it further here.

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Developer's Log Updated 10/14
Topic: Create Your Own Theme!

Today AwesomeStart released a new feature that allows users to create their own startpage theme. The site previously let users customize their own startpage based on over four hundred themes in their gallery. Now users can create their own theme. ...
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Most Requested Themes
      1.   Phantasmagoria
      2.   Madonna
      3.   Legend Of Zelda
      4.   High School Musical
      5.   Escape The Fate
      6.   Star Wars
      7.   NCIS
      8.   Boys Like Girls
      9.   Smashing Pumpkins
      10.   Cinema Bizarre

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