No Longer Accepting

Note: AwesomeStart is no longer taking submissions. This page is left here for archival purposes.

Designing an AwesomeStart Page

We’re looking for some skilled designers with experience in Photoshop! If you’re interested in making start pages, here are the details:

Format: Layered PSD
Size: 592×266

All of our designers work on a freelance, volunteer basis. No one is paid for their submissions. All submissions become shared property of and its affiliates. You will be credited in full on the staff page. By submitting a theme to the site, you grant AwesomeStart a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to store, distribute, reproduce, re-format, prepare derivative works from, and publicly display your content. You retains full rights to use your submission in other places so long as it doesn’t impede upon the aforementioned usage rights of

All submissions go through a strict review process. Should the review panel approve, the submission will be posted within 24 hours of its review. We receive many submissions. Reviews can take time, and not all submissions are accepted. Should the submission be accepted under the circumstances of minor additional editing, it may be sent back with suggested changes. In most cases, one of our programmers will alter the theme and publish it on the site. Because of this, we need your submissions in layered PSD format. By submitting a design it is understood that you you agree to these terms.

We handle all of the code; all you need to worry about is the PSD. The only thing we ask is that you try to keep it clean but layered, and that you keep your graphic inside the 592×266 canvas. We can’t have anything leaking out of the canvas, and we can’t change the canvas size. Outside of that, go nuts! The best way to get a feel for what our review people like is to take a look at the gallery and see what they’ve previously approved.

Bad Example

These examples have been shrunk down to fit the page. Above is an example of what NOT to do: don’t leak out of the canvas! Below is an example of a great theme by Danielle. Click it to view how it looks on the actual startpage.

Good Example

Take a look at some of our most requested designs:

This way no images are chopped off. Keep the image within the canvas. No bleeding outside the canvas! We can’t stress this enough. Again, if you need some ideas, take a look at our gallery to see how some of our other designers took their direction.

If you agree to these terms, send your 592×266 layered PSD!