New Share Feature

There is a brand new share feature in the upper right hand corner of every startpage. We started developing this feature as a part of our big feature update (which is planned to go up sometime in October). We decided to put up the sharing aspect early so everyone could start using it.

AwesomeStart Share Feature
AwesomeStart Share Feature

It’s pretty simple – so you click “Share” in the upper right hand corner of the page and pick which site you’d like to share on. The site will open in a new window with all the information filled in. There’s also a text field with some code incase you’re just looking to show off your startpage via HTML.

We’ve coded the share popup so it will work on both javascript and non-javascript browsers. has also received an update to make use of the new feature. If you have a startpage set up, the promote page will display these sharing options by default. If not, you’ll see the standard banner codes.

By using our own code rather than a third party plug-in like Addthis, the share feature will load faster and can expand to include other functionality in the future.

Click the “Share” link on your startpage and give it a try!