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Basic FAQ

What is AwesomeStart? What’s the point?

HomeA “start page” (sometimes called ‘home’) is simply the first page you see when you logon to the internet – whether you dialup or just open a browser like internet explorer. If you click the little house icon in your browser (it probably looks something like the picture to the right) you return to this page. is a collection of free customizable “start pages.” The idea is you setup your own page with stuff you normally use when you go online – your email, your favorite links, and a search engine field, for instance. Once the page is set up, you “mark it as home” (make it your default start page.) That way, every time you go online you have a neat looking page with all the stuff you need right there. Here’s a picture of what your page might look like if you picked the “Corpse Bride” movie theme:

Start Page Layout

There are three simple steps:

1. Find a theme. Check out the gallery and browse through our different themes. Click on one you like.
2. Customize it. Once you’ve found a theme you like, click where it says “CUSTOMIZE:: Click Here to customize the links.” See the above corpse bride example. You will be taken to the preferences menu where you can decide where all the links will go. You can return to this preference menu at any time by going to
3. Make it home. After you’ve submitted your preferences, you’ll be redirected to your new custom start page. The final crucial step it to make it your default start (home) page. How you do this depends on what browser you are using – Here is a full guide.

Basic FAQ

Still don’t get it?

Did we miss something? If you’re confused or think we need to explain something better, contact us! We’re always looking to expand our FAQ.