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Cookies FAQ

Why doesn’t my customization work?

Our customization system uses cookies. If it isn’t working, you probably don’t have cookies enabled! To enable cookies:

Using Internet Explorer
1. Select the “Tools” menu and click “Internet Options”
2. Click on the “Privacy” tab
3. Click the “Advanced” button
4. Check the box for “Override Automatic Cookie Handling”
5. At the bottom, check the “Always accept session cookies” box
6. Click “OK”

Using Firefox
1. Select the “Tools” menu and click “Options”
2. In the “Options” Window, select “Cookies”
3. Select “Allow Sites to Set Cookies”

Using Safari
1. Click on the “Safari” tab on the menu bar
2. Click on “Preferences”
3. Click on the “Security” tab in the new window
4. Make sure that “Enable Javascript” is enabled
5. Choose “Only from sites you navigate to” or “Always”

Using Chrome
1. Click the wrench icon in the upper right hand corner.
2. Click the “Under the Hood” tab.
3. Under Cookie settings select “Allow all cookies”.
4. Click the “Close” button.

Using Opera
1. Click on the “File” menu, put your mouse on “Preferences” and click “Privacy”
2. Choose Enable Cookies.
3. In the Normal Cookies pull-down menu, choose “Automatically accept all cookies”
4. In the Third Party pull-down menu, choose “Automatically accept all cookies”
5. Click “OK”

Using Netscape
1. Select the “Edit” menu and click “Preference”
2. In the “Preferences” window, select “Privacy and Security” and then “Cookies”
3. Select “Enable All Cookies”
4. Click “OK”

Privacy Information

Are AwesomeStart.com cookies dangerous?

We don’t sell your information. We’re not spying on you. We just use cookies to save your preferences on your computer. AwesomeStart has always been (and will always remain) 100% spyware free.

For more information, see our Privacy Policy.