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Frequently Asked Questions

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Designing FAQ

What size should the image be?
The recommend image size is 592 x 266. Smaller images will tile while larger images will be cropped. In order to keep a reasonable loading time, images exceeding 1100 pixels in width or 600 pixels in heigh are not allowed.

What image formats can I use?
While the ideal type is .jpg, there’s currently support for .jpg, .gif, .tif, .png, .tiff, .jpeg, and .bmp.

Are any types of images not allowed?
In compliance with our search engine partner’s program policies, image submissions can not contain any adult content. This includes (but is not limited to) nudity, adult toys, and sexually provocative images. Beyond that, you can use anything you want!

Can I reuse an image/publish more than one of the same theme?
Identical themes under different names are not allowed – however, it’s perfectly fine to use the same image for different themes. Perhaps you think a certain theme looks just as good with a white background as a black background; you can save both of them!

Can I have a personal (unpublished) startpage and still publish others?
Yes! If you have published themes you can still make your own personal /create page. Simply logout before you make the page or perform any edits. If you remain logged in while editing, the system will assume you want to publish the page instead.

What should I do if I find a theme violating the rules?
If you find a theme with adult content, a theme identical to a preexisting theme, or one that you believe violates the rules, please report it.

Does publishing a theme share my personal preferences & links?
No. When you publish a theme you designed, only the page layout is shared on the site. Your personal links (and any other options you set up in the preferences panel) remain private on your computer.

My theme isn’t showing up in the public gallery!
All submissions are reviewed before they’re posted to the public gallery. This typically takes less than twenty four hours. To ensure speedy approval, we recommend submitting designs with a .jpg file type.

How do I know if my theme was deleted?
If we have to delete a theme, we’ll notify you by email. It will be automatically removed from your My Designs page.