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By setting up a personalized start page and/or creating their own startpage theme, the user agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions. If the user does not agree with any of these terms, they are prohibited from contributing content to

Privacy Policy
AwesomeStart never shares private information with third parties. Period. Before collecting any kind of data or information, AwesomeStart will identify the purpose for which that information is being collected.

  • Personal preferences submitted by the user are saved locally on the user’s computer via cookies. No lasting copy of this information is saved on AwesomeStart’s servers.
  • User created themes are saved to a database maintained by AwesomeStart. This information (including but not limited to “image URL”, “custom domain”, and color data) is accessed to dynamically display the appropriate theme.
  • Customized links and preferences will not be shared or saved to the database along with the published theme. This data remains only on the user’s computer, regardless of whether the user chooses to customize or publish a theme.
  • Email addresses and passwords are saved to a database maintained by AwesomeStart for login and contact purposes. The users email address may be saved locally to their computer via cookies. Passwords saved via cookies are encrypted to protect the user’s information.
  • Information such as user specified links and settings are only accessed by the individual user via AwesomeStart. At no time time are they viewed by any person affiliated with (except where traffic statistics necessitate).

Content Submissions
By submitting a theme to the site, the user grants AwesomeStart a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to store, distribute, reproduce, re-format, prepare derivative works from, and publicly display the content.The user retains the full right to use the content in other places so long as it doesn’t impede upon the aforementioned usage rights of AwesomeStart.

Content Moderation and Removal
The user is solely responsible for any and all content they submit to the site. This content is stored without warranty or guarantee. AwesomeStart reserves the right to remove content at their discretion. Users may be notified of content removal via the email address provided.

Disclaimer of Warranty and Limitation of Liability
AwesomeStart makes no representations of warranties, expressed or implied, of any kind. By using the service, the user does so at their own risk. We would put this entire paragraph entirely in caps to match every other sites’ terms of service, but we’ve been assured you can actually read it fine just the way it is.

Amendments to These Terms
AwesomeStart reserves the right to amend these and any terms from time to time at their discretion. Any changes will be noted here and in the developer’s log. Users continuing to use the service after the effective date of revision agree to the most recent set of conditions.

Effective March 1, 2016

Usage of the site also implies agreement to the search plugin privacy policy and terms of service where they apply.